Noah is off to overnight camp this week. He will be spending a week at the summer camp our Diocese runs.

I remember my mother telling wonderful stories about her experiences at bible camp as a kid. We learned all about the little practical jokes, the stories they learned, the cheesy Christian songs. “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so...”

Because we weren’t church goers when I was a kid, we seemed to miss the whole overnight camp thing. Maybe we could have gone to a secular camp, but they are much more expensive. So my brother and I had a few skirmishes with day camp, but never did get to toilet paper the camp director’s cabin. Sigh.

Driving to Noah’s camp yesterday to drop him off, I felt such joy at the fact that he was going to get to experience this. The place is simply wonderful. All the councilors were friendly. Noah spent about 3 minutes feeling nervous before his cabin councilor, Andy, asked him what he wanted to listen to and started playing some pop songs on the ipod hooked up to speakers. When we left, Noah was playing frisbee with a bunch of other boys. He barely looked up to see us go.

The truth is, he probably wouldn’t have agreed to go if we hadn’t invited one of his friends to go too. Plus a couple of the councilors are teens from our church and one of the chaplains is a friend, too. I feel sure that Noah is going to feel right at home this week.

Yeah for camp!

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