Making Memories

I am writing this from the road. We are a day into a trip halfway across the country to see my in-laws. My family just indulged me with a stop in Shaker Heights Ohio, the place where I spent my middle school years. It wasn’t even my idea; it was my husband’s, which made it even more enjoyable. We drove past my old house, saw my Catholic grade school and had lunch in the little town I rode my bike through countless times. I was completely overwhelmed with wonderful memories of people and places from a time in my life that I remember most fondly.

It made me think that this is what I want for my children: wonderful memories. I want them to remember times when it was just the 6 of us, exploring and trying different things. All of us working together to make the trip happen. Staying up later than we should, eating things we shouldn’t and loving it! I want them to remember times when it wasn’t all about work, schedules, studying and scrimping money. I want them to notice how well they all get along without any outside influences and how happy we all are just to be together. Because we really are a happy, lucky, and blessed family. I want them to recognize that and realize it while they are in the midst of it. And if I am really lucky, someday they will drive their family thru our little town in Rhode Island……

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