The Best Backpack Ever

Rachel writes:

You already know I am not a name brand fan. I'll buy stuff from the thrift store at every opportunity. But I make a big exception for one thing: The kid's backpacks. For that, I am willing to buy retail, pay full price, and get a really good one even if it costs more.

Early on, I discovered Land's End backpacks. When Noah was about 2, he started at preschool a couple of days a week and needed a backpack to carry diapers and supplies. I bought a small yellow backpack from Land's End. It wasn't even that expensive. I think it was about $20.

Well. That backpack lasted until Noah was in Kindergarten. Then he passed it on to his baby brother, who also used it through Kindergarten. Altogether, I think we got about 6 years out of it.

Next, I bought them both Land's End Classmate backpacks. These lasted 2 years, and I think would have been good for at least another year if our bad rabbit hadn't nibbled holes in them.

This year I procrastinated, so at the last minute we ran to Sears because they sell Land's End stuff. Not only did we find great backpacks, but they were on SALE for 30% off.

I am not a name brand kind of girl, but when it comes to backpacks, only the best will do.

How about you? Do you have a brand that you absolutely can't live without?

Do tell!

Kathy Adds:

I am not so much loyal to a product as I am to a store. I am the queen of reward cards and do all my shopping accordingly. I hit Staples for all office and school supplies, CVS for the occasional toiletry, card or gallon of milk. Dicks is the only place I go for sporting goods and DSW for shoes. I hit Barnes and Noble or Bed Bath and Beyond for gifts and household items when necessary. And then there’s Bobs, which any mother of boys has to visit only once to know they have everything boys need. While I would shop at Whole Foods every day if I could afford it, my Stop and Shop card has saved me hundreds so far this year. I rarely go to any of these places without a coupon or a check for $10 toward a purchase that I was going to have to make anyway. I have an envelope in the door of my car with all my coupons and checks in it, and always look it over before I go to make a purchase.

Many people have said that these things just lure me into the store so I buy more, but I really don’t believe that is the case. There are certain things that every family needs routinely. We are no different than anyone else. I just only buy at certain places. These stores are clean and well stocked with helpful employees. There are all conveniently located within 10 minutes of my house. At this point, I know their layouts like the back of my hand, making my trips quick and saving me time. And if I can save some money each time I shop, why not? Sign me up!

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